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Good Heart Catering donates to LA Food Bank

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Our ongoing commitment

As a part of our ongoing commitment to make a meal donation for each order placed, this month we made a donation of 400 meals and we also paid a visit to our donation recipients, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. On our visit we were greeted by Christina Quezada who gave us a personal tour through the facilities on 41st street, which we will share with you in this blog post. 

Why the LA Food Bank?

We wanted our community efforts to focus on ensuring that everyone has a chance to have a good and nutritious meal available to them. Food insecurity has no place in our modern society and there are numerous organization that work daily to ensure that remains so. The Los Angeles Food Bank has been operating for over 40 years. They are one of the most trusted food banks according to Charity Navigator with over 97.2% of expenses spent on the actual programs they offer. It was very important to us at Good Heart that each donated dollar went to help those in need rather than those who lead the organizations. The LA Food Bank excels in that respect. 


Food Bank 40 Years Poster
How Food Banks Work

Food Bank Drop off Network

Network of drop off locations

Vast network of drop off locations throughout Los Angeles for wide reach in the city. 

Food Bank Volunteer Sorting

Volunteer Sorting Center

On our arrival several volunteers were busy picking food from donation boxes. Volunteer services are required throughout the year, not just holidays. 

Food Bank Warehouse


The LA Food Bank has several large warehouses where food is stored both in refrigerated areas as well as dry storage. 

Food Bank Fresh produce

Fresh Product Section

Fresh produce or food that will spoil quickly has a special section where individuals can pick the food they will need. 

A great experience

It was a great experience visiting the LA Food Bank headquarters, made even better by the tour we were taken on by the staff. The takeaway for us was that, it takes a lot of effort and cooperation on all levels to make an organization as large as the food bank to operate. From donors to volunteers, it really is a community effort. 

Thanks for taking the time to read about our community participation. 

A Good Heart makes Good Food.