Catering Los Angeles with Goodness.

We are a dedicated professional catering company serving organizations in Los Angeles.  

Same day catering delivery notice:  We accommodate same day orders as received.  

Lunch Platters Menu

 Lunch platters including sandwiches, skewers, combos and more. Buffet style lunch.   

Boxed Lunch Menu

Boxed Lunches and individual socially distanced meals for a convenient and complete lunch / dinner.

Sweets and Treats Menu

Sweets and snacks.

Breakfast Platters Menu

Breakfast platters including eggs, pastries and more

Boxed Breakfast Menu

Boxed breakfast meals for a convenient and complete breakfast

Beverages Menu

Beverages, including soft drinks and hot drinks.

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Support Local Business

*family owned and dedicated to you. 

Serving Los Angeles

Enter your address during your order to view service to your area

Delicious Food Catering

Menu items fit for your office and guests of all kinds. 

Real Service. Real Food.

Corporate & University  Accounts.

Speak to a catering concierge to inquire about setting corporate billing. Your order and we bill. Simplify your ordering and expensing with Good Heart Catering. 

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Clients who trust us to satisfy their hunger on schedule.

We survey our orders regularly to make sure that our clients are happy with the food we cook and the food we deliver is on time for your event. 

That's why we have a 99.9% on time or early track record and a 99% would recommend to a friend on our surveys. 

Let us join your team and help 

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Start your team on the right path. 

Boxed Muffin Breakfast Catering

Delicious Pastries

Our bakery partner Bread LA has been serving Los Angeles's top institutions for over two decades. We are proud to feature their delicious pastries for your crew. 

Breakfast Catering

  • Early morning service starting at 6 am
  • Fresh pastry platters
  • Brooklyn bagel platters
  • Egg sandwiches and breakfast burritos
  • Fruits and juices
  • Snacks and beverage service
Bagel Egg Sandwich Catering

Egg Sandwiches

Fresh scrambled eggs, paired with a protein and cheese brings the energy levels of your team to a maximum. View all of our options and try something new for your crew. 

Keep them energized for the finish! 

Sandwich Catering


Our founder has been serving sandwiches at his family deli since he was 10. Our combination of sandwich recipes will satisfy and leave everyone in your group full and energized for the remainder of the day.

 Lunch Catering 

  • Same day available* (Call )
  • Sandwich and wrap platters
  • Skewers
  • Combos
  • Salads
  • Sweets and treats
BBQ Chicken Skewer Catering

Much more. 

For over two years we have been developing more and more delicious items to our menu and they have been an absolute hit. View our lunch platters and check out some of our new choices. 

View all our services

Boxed Lunches

  • Great for large groups
  • Easily distribute
  • Color labeled for easy identification
  • Prices for every budget         
  • Dietary restriction choices available
  • Customized labels* (please ask)
Boxed Lunches

Boxed Lunches

Beverage Service

  • Early morning service starting at 6 am
  • Coffee 
  • Tea
  • Soft drinks
  • Juices
  • and more. 
Coffee Catering

Beverage Service


  • Healthy choices
  • Unique beverages
  • Healthy Snacks, and maybe some not so healthy
  • Sweets
  • Same day delivery*
  • Corporate billing

Pantry* ( coming soon )