A Good Heart Makes Good Food

It's true.

Our Team

The founding of Good Heart Catering goes back to 1989 when a young boy joined his family deli and started making deliveries to the jewelers of downtown Los Angeles.  

 In 2003  the young boy grew to open one of the first new restaurants during the revitalization efforts in downtown. 

After a decade of success there Jon Toktas turned his attention to the needs of the many corporate and non profit organizations surrounding his restaurant. From this need grew the idea for Good Heart Catering. 

 A dedicated catering company focused on servicing the needs of your organization. 

Our guarantee is that we will work to deliver the best in food and best in service to your organization.

Each order you place feeds someone in need. 


For each order you place with good heart we make a donation to the local food banks in Los Angeles.

 Together we can help provide nutritious meals to those who are less fortunate in our community. 

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