Breakfast Platters

Delivering breakfast platters all day. 

  • As early as 6am

    • Good morning, at Good Heart Catering we deliver fresh breakfast meals to your next event as early as 6am. Each breakfast order is prepared before it is delivered with fresh and locally procured ingredients. 
    • We offer 
      • breakfast sandwich catering service
      • continental breakfast catering options as well featuring fruit, pastries and coffee
      • scrambled egg breakfast meals served in a buffet style
      • healthy breakfast alternatives like granola buffet bars and fruit
    • Same day breakfast delivery is possible please read below for more details.
  • Breakfast catering serving sizes explained

    • Most of our breakfast trays serve 6-10 or 10-20. All of the egg sandwich platters, whether they are the breakfast burrito tray or the brooklyn bagel egg sandwich platter they are served with 6 full egg sandwiches cut in half for 12 half pieces. 
    • Our pastry platters include a bit more with 9 full pieces for the 6-10 platter cut in half for 18 half pieces. Double that for our 10-20 sizes. 
    • We also offer a complete breakfast combo, and as with our lunch combos this one serves 10 individuals. 
    • We do our best to estimate how many individuals each platter will serve but each group will be different. Use your best judgement based on your knowledge of the group to determine serving size. If you have any questions please consult our experienced catering concierge to assist in making a proper determination. 
  • Utensils are included !

    • The only thing we don’t include is a table cloth. 
    • Coffee is served with all necessary condiments including creamers, cups, stirrers and a variety of sugar choices. 
  • Same day breakfast catering delivery

    • Same day breakfast catering is possible if you reach us early enough or if you wish to serve breakfast a bit later in the day. Typically try to reach us no later than 1.5 hours before your requested delivery arrival time. We are available 24 hours, so please reach out as soon as you find out you need service and call our catering concierges to make an arrangement. We have serviced the majority of our same day breakfast orders that have come in for delivery. Also please be aware, in Los Angeles morning rush hour can impact how quickly we can get to you. For a scheduled order we take this delay into account, for last minute orders we can only do our best in the face of Los Angeles gridlock :) 
  • Breakfast catering all day

    • Breakfast meals can be ordered for delivery any time of the day. Breakfast for lunch anyone?
  • Know your group

    • Decide if you want to serve a hot breakfast option. When we mention hot breakfast we mean anything cooked with eggs. Eggs will have a shorter serving life than pastry options. We recommend that hot breakfast catering be used when you know your guests will be served within the hour after delivery. Keeping cooked eggs out for long periods after delivery for snacking is not recommended. 
    • Dietary restrictions for breakfast meals can seem cumbersome. But we ar Just let us know and we will prepare a seperate meal for the individual with the dietary restriction. We aim to accomidate all with a pleasant dining experience, regardless of their dietary restrictions. 
      • Vegetarian platters
      • Vegan platters
      • Gluten free options
      • contact a concierge for specific requirements. 
  • Fruit Platters

    • Our fruit tray is a fresh and healthy way to keep energy levels up for the duration of your event. We offer a seasonal fruit platter in two sizes, 6-10 and 10-20. Consider adding fruit as an after breakfast treat or as a part of a snack session.
  • Don't forget coffee

    • We recommend serving coffee for our lunch meals, but we think it should be mandatory for breakfast. Whether you get the coffee from our selection of locally brewed coffee or you have in-house coffee, do not leave this out. After consuming a delicious breakfast meal,the digestion process will slow your guests down and without coffee they just may doze away. Along with coffee beverages we also offer a hot tea service as well. Beverage catering can be found here.
To place an on-line order from our breakfast platter menu simply click the item to view details, serving size options and add to cart. Delivery scheduling and address will be presented at checkout. To order by phone or for any questions call (323) 505 6383. 

Breakfast Burrito Platter

44.99 44.99 USD

Honey Granola Parfait Buffet

44.99 44.99 USD

Scrambled Egg Complete Breakfast Combo

109.99 109.99 USD

Mini Croissant Sandwich Platter

39.99 39.99 USD

Bagel Lox Platter

54.99 54.99 USD

Scrambled Eggs

19.99 19.99 USD

Honey Granola Parfait Six Pack

39.99 39.99 USD

Fresh Baked Platter

34.99 34.99 USD

Brooklyn Bagel Egg Sandwich Platter

44.99 44.99 USD

Morning Special Platter

44.99 44.99 USD

Brooklyn Bagel Platter

24.99 24.99 USD

Muffin Platter

34.99 34.99 USD

Seasonal Fruit Platter

34.99 34.99 USD

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