Crafted Sandwich Platter Large

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    Our crafted sandwich platter has an assortment of our most popular sandwiches cut in half. Customize your own bundle or let us choose our most popular combination for you.

    Good Heart Catering.

    Made with artisan bread

    Proud to feature a partnership with Bread LA!

    Item Details

    Serves 10-20

    • 24 Half Sandwiches
    • Add additional sandwiches as needed
    • Customizable bundle
    • Vegan and Vegetarian available
    • Gluten Free Available

    Our seasonal sandwich lineup

    Sandwich recipes perfected over the years. 

    Chicken Curry Ciabatta Sandwich

    Chicken Curry Ciabatta

    A new addition to our sandwich box catering menu featuring a delicious combination of curry and spices with a touch of honey served with grilled chicken breast and organic greens

    Sweet Pete BLT Sandwich

    Sweet Pete

    Wholesome farm raised bacon prepared with a brown sugar glaze rip tomatoes, lettuce on our french baguette.

    Chipotle All-Star

    Chipotle All-Star

    An absolutely delicious chipotle aioli spread served on our ciabatta bread with turkey, salami, ham and pepper jack. This sandwich is loaded with protein and flavor. 

    California Club Sandwich

    California Club

    A classic club sandwich on our sourdough bread with lettuce, tomatoes, premium smoked turkey, bacon and Wisconsin cheese. 

    Pesto Chicken Focaccia Sandwich

    Pesto Chicken Focaccia

    House made pesto with grilled chicken breast topped with baby mixed greens, onions and a delicious balsamic based topping. 

    Country smoked turkey sandwich

    Country Smoked Turkey

    Premium smoked turkey breast sliced thin for a great flavor. Served on an assortment of our gourmet breads with lettuce, tomatoes. 

    Chicken Caesar Ciabatta Sandwich

    Chicken Caesar Ciabatta

    A recipe for a light and refreshing chicken breast sandwich made with a creamy caesar spread, lettuce, tomatoes on our rustic ciabatta. 

    Cranberry Albacore tuna Sandwich

    Cranberry Albacore Tuna

    A recipe that has been in our family for decades and loved for its light and sweet flavor,  which we top off with tart cranberries, mixed green and tomatoes. 

    Smoked Ham and Swiss Sandwich

    Smoked Ham and Swiss

    Another classic with no compromises in quality of the smoked ham and the smokey pepper jack we use. 

    Santa Fe  Chicken Wrap Sandwich

    Santa Fe Wrap

    A southern style chicken wrap with a mix of beans, corn, tomatoes on a very special cilantro buttermilk sauce. Tangy, light and delicious. 

    Vegan Baked Falafel Sandwich

    Vegan Baked Falafel

    A vegan friendly sandwich non-vegans will love. Our special homemade vegan falafel recipe is baked to perfection for a healthy and delicious lunch meal served with a tahini sauce and diced tomatoes. 

    Mozzarella and Tomato Sandwich

    Mozzarella and Tomato

    A classic fresh mozzarella and tomato sandwich with our house pesto, roasted bell peppers and baby mixed greens topped with a touch of balsamic. 

    Feta Greta Vegetarian Sandwich

    Veggie Delight

    A classic on our menu, the veggie delight is made on a whole wheat bread with cream cheese, avocados and crispy vegetables topped off with pepperoncinis and balsamic. 

    Feta Greta Vegetarian Sandwich

    Feta Greta

    A take on the traditional greek salad but this time as a crunchy and savory sandwich. We use romaine hearts, imported feta cheese, topped with kalamata olives, roasted bell peppers, red peppers, dried mint and balsamic for an awesome vegetarian sandwich.