Bagel Lox Platter

Bagel Lox Platter

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The best bagels in LA made by Brooklyn Bagels paired with fresh lox and cream cheese.


Smoke Nova Salmon with Brooklyn Bagels

Healthy and delicious  

Get to know our bagel partner

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery of Los Angeles has been making delicious and authentic bagels since 1953 when Seymour Friedman founded the company. However that wasn't quite the begining for the families bagel venture. Since 1937 Seymour's father was a founder of the New York Beigel Bakers Union. This tradition of bagel making has produduces some of the most delicious bagels available in LA. We have worked with the Friedman family since 2003 going back to our first restaurant in Downtown LA. Since then we have tried many bagel providers but none has matched the flavor and quality of Brooklyn Bagels. 

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery

Nova Smoked Salmon

lox or not lox?

Cured salmon goes by many names and the terms are used differently based on who you ask. What we serve with our platter is Nova Smoked Salmon. Yes the title says lox (common nomanclature here in california) , but it is infact nova salmon. Nova is cured and then cold-smoked unlike lox which is cured in a salt-sugar rub.

We choose the highest quality nova smoked salmon we can get our hands on to deliver a delicious platter your guests will love. 

Serving Size Details

6-10 size includes 12 half bagels and 12 - 16 slices of nova salmon and cream cheese

10-20 size includes 24 half bagels with 24-32 slices of nova salmon and cream cheese

Assorted bagels are used for both platters.