Garden Variety Salad

Garden Variety Salad

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Serving Size: Serves 6-10
Serving Size: Serves 20-30

A mix of fresh garden vegetables over a bed of baby mixed greens served with dressing on the side.


Good Heart Catering.

Garden Variety Salad

A classic fresh salad

A fresh Garden variety salad that is practically a standard at most lunches. A salad that is agreeable to everyone and has delicious ingredients to keep it crispy. 

Garden variety salad includes

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Persian Cucumbers
  • Tri-colored bell peppers
  • Red onions
  • Baby mixed greens
  • Dressing on the side
Garden Variety Salad

Garden Variety salad serving size

Serving size 6-10 comes in a 96oz bowl and will serve up to 10 individuals as a side salad. 

Serving size 20-30 comes in a 360oz bowl and will serve up to 30 individuals as a side salad